Saturday, February 25, 2012

the new world

over the last few months, i've had a few people repeatedly say, "you have to update your blog!" and yes, i agree, but we all know i'm an exceptionally lazy blogger! i'm a lazy vacuumer too, but that's another story entirely. people also say, "I love reading about gammer" and gammer seriously has a lot of fans out there and that is pretty awesome. it makes me happy.

I think probably the reason why I haven't posted in so long is that, aside from being lazy, there hasn't been a lot to say or at least anything really interesting! gammer has, unfortunately, gotten worse over the last few months, particularly in the last month or two. she's still pretty happy, but she gets tired a lot more easily and her confusion is worse, to the point that she doesn't always remember that this is our house. she often asks to go home, mostly in the evening when she is tired or if something has her upset. she gets a bit moodier every now and then, which I believe is related to her dementia. all that sounds kind of dire and honestly just typing it depresses me, so on to the good stuff! despite everything, gammer is still 99% happy and content (she doesn't like being old), loves the dog and the cats and the bird and the fish (phew!), loves watching the big bang theory, has a great appetite and is pretty much indestructible. she had a fall while out walking the dog and after scaring just about the entire block she was totally fine and forgot all about it. she has even been talking about taking a trip for her birthday, which may not happen, but i like that she was thinking about it. the last few times we've talked about going away for even one night she has ultimately changed her mind. so the fact that she said, "I want to go on a trip" is kind of neat. of course, she also says things like, "I think I'd enjoy a cruise" so i don't get too carried away with my daydreams or make any plans. :)

as for me, i am as well as can be expected from someone who has to vacuum even though they don't like to. ;) i do just about all of the housework and whatnot, but i also study, make things, daydream and cuddle my cats. i am a lucky girl, even if i do have to vacuum. :)

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