Sunday, February 26, 2012

a lifetime of movies

gammer, a lifelong movie nut, doesn't really go to the movies much anymore. she also doesn't really remember the movies she does see, like "the help". so watching the oscars with her is an experience both amusing and a little irritating. you tend to miss a lot of what is going on because she frequently asks, "who is that?" but she says it with such a disgusted look on her face that you can't help but laugh.

fun fact #1: gammer was six years old when the very first academy awards were presented.

fun fact #2: "It Happened One Night" was so popular when it was released that it was shown in the gymnasium of gammer's junior high school. it was something she happily remembered for a long time.

fun fact #3: I have had two steady movie dates in my lifetime: my mom and gammer. we are a movie family. :)

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