Wednesday, March 21, 2012

oh happy day

gammer turned 89 years young yesterday. in lieu of me babbling, here are a few great gammer photos. :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

clothing optional?

apparently part of being older and having dementia is that you don't just forget things, but you become oblivious to them. case in point: lately gammer has occasionally neglected to put on a shirt. now i know that sounds really bad, but wait. usually this is under a jumper or a buttoned cardigan, so it's not like she's going around naked. if you point out the missing garment, she just shrugs. today, i tried getting her to put a shirt on under her cardigan, particularly when she was cold and put on a jacket. she was pretty dismissive of the idea so i let it go. now, it's a very nice day out and she is currently sunning herself on the front steps, in full view of anyone who might walk by and neighbors. thus you might try to imagine my terror when i happened to walk past and saw her unbuttoning her sweater. i realize she would not be naked, but really I don't need my 88 year-old grandmother to be on full view to the neighborhood wearing a plaid skirt and a bra. where i come from, which is this house actually, you just don't do that. I got her into a tshirt. you can rest easy if you happen to drive by. :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

an afternoon adventure

gammer pushing her walker/wheelchair. this is the greatest invention ever. she can walk easily when she likes and when she feels tired i can push her in it. when she's in it she's at a level much closer to kids in strollers and that makes her super happy. plus she can just watch people without having to focus on staying upright.

the attack of the phantom fork. gammer got so interested in both her lunch and mine that she finally forgot one of them was mine. she offered me some of my own steak, which i thought was very kind of her. :)

our ride home coincided with a gorgeous, amazing sunset. we did a lot of ooohing and ahhhing in the car.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

a perfect far

some days are bad, some days are great. today is a great day. gammer has spent the afternoon on the sofa reading and napping. i went for a ride and now I'm reading as well. everyone is happy and comfy and the cats, emma and I are eating cheese. oh happiness. :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

you can't win 'em all

try as I might, things in gammerland don't always go according to plan.

gammer's dementia can cause her mood to change quickly. case in point: it's a wet, cold, snowy day and gammer set up camp for the day at the dining room table. i put on a golden girls dvd thinking that would entertain both of us and it worked, for a little while. the first episode made her laugh. after the second one she started complaining about it being on, wanting to know why it was on, etc. so much for that! but hey, it happens. it's part of why it's difficult to go places with her, because one minute she's having a good time and the next minute she wants to go home. the good thing is that the mood can change again quickly. later on she'll probably talk about how much she enjoyed the show!

the other problem i run into is her forgetfulness and how i get the blame. on monday we went for a lovely ride to st albans, vermont with mary and had a fantastic lunch at One Federal. google it, pronto. on tuesday, gammer was briefly cross with me for not taking her for a ride the day before. it's a sad situation, because gammer doesn't like being old and it makes her sad. i can't really get cranky with her (well, i do, but i hide it from her) because it's not her fault that she forgets. aging is a weird, sad, mean part of life. fortunately, the good outweighs the bad and in the grand scheme of things gammer has had a great, wonderful, fun-filled life. :)

p.s. while I was writing this, gammer appeared to ask me where aurora is. i think she thinks i'm my mom. :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

a lifetime of movies

gammer, a lifelong movie nut, doesn't really go to the movies much anymore. she also doesn't really remember the movies she does see, like "the help". so watching the oscars with her is an experience both amusing and a little irritating. you tend to miss a lot of what is going on because she frequently asks, "who is that?" but she says it with such a disgusted look on her face that you can't help but laugh.

fun fact #1: gammer was six years old when the very first academy awards were presented.

fun fact #2: "It Happened One Night" was so popular when it was released that it was shown in the gymnasium of gammer's junior high school. it was something she happily remembered for a long time.

fun fact #3: I have had two steady movie dates in my lifetime: my mom and gammer. we are a movie family. :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

fabulous at any age

for your viewing pleasure, a recent photo of gammer, decked out in all her leopard-print finery. the coat and hat were both christmas gifts from yours truly. gammer used to frequently say, when watching old movies, that she always wanted a leopard coat. et voila!