Sunday, March 18, 2012

clothing optional?

apparently part of being older and having dementia is that you don't just forget things, but you become oblivious to them. case in point: lately gammer has occasionally neglected to put on a shirt. now i know that sounds really bad, but wait. usually this is under a jumper or a buttoned cardigan, so it's not like she's going around naked. if you point out the missing garment, she just shrugs. today, i tried getting her to put a shirt on under her cardigan, particularly when she was cold and put on a jacket. she was pretty dismissive of the idea so i let it go. now, it's a very nice day out and she is currently sunning herself on the front steps, in full view of anyone who might walk by and neighbors. thus you might try to imagine my terror when i happened to walk past and saw her unbuttoning her sweater. i realize she would not be naked, but really I don't need my 88 year-old grandmother to be on full view to the neighborhood wearing a plaid skirt and a bra. where i come from, which is this house actually, you just don't do that. I got her into a tshirt. you can rest easy if you happen to drive by. :)

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