Thursday, March 1, 2012

you can't win 'em all

try as I might, things in gammerland don't always go according to plan.

gammer's dementia can cause her mood to change quickly. case in point: it's a wet, cold, snowy day and gammer set up camp for the day at the dining room table. i put on a golden girls dvd thinking that would entertain both of us and it worked, for a little while. the first episode made her laugh. after the second one she started complaining about it being on, wanting to know why it was on, etc. so much for that! but hey, it happens. it's part of why it's difficult to go places with her, because one minute she's having a good time and the next minute she wants to go home. the good thing is that the mood can change again quickly. later on she'll probably talk about how much she enjoyed the show!

the other problem i run into is her forgetfulness and how i get the blame. on monday we went for a lovely ride to st albans, vermont with mary and had a fantastic lunch at One Federal. google it, pronto. on tuesday, gammer was briefly cross with me for not taking her for a ride the day before. it's a sad situation, because gammer doesn't like being old and it makes her sad. i can't really get cranky with her (well, i do, but i hide it from her) because it's not her fault that she forgets. aging is a weird, sad, mean part of life. fortunately, the good outweighs the bad and in the grand scheme of things gammer has had a great, wonderful, fun-filled life. :)

p.s. while I was writing this, gammer appeared to ask me where aurora is. i think she thinks i'm my mom. :)

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