Friday, September 2, 2011

who's that girl?

dear readers,

now, I've experienced a lot of crazy things around here the last few years. gammer wearing my underpants is up there on the crazy scale. gammer walking in on bruce using the toilet is perhaps not crazy, but so gloriously funny it deserves a mention. you can't make this stuff up; no one would believe it. anway, lately an interesting thing has been happening and though I try hard not to laugh, it's not always easy. what's happening is that gammer, who has been getting names mixed up for several years now, doesn't quite seem to know my name all the time. she knows who I am, certainly, but I think she might think my name is mary, although mary herself thinks my name is jean in gammerland and jean is, as we all know, deceased. or is she? one evening gammer was a bit mixed up as to who was in the house, or at least who was supposed to be in the house (this happens a lot). she asked, "where's that little girl?" several times and also asked, "isn't aurora here?" or something along those lines. I cheerfully and rather gigglingly (I made that word up) explained that perhaps the little girl was me and I was home where I was supposed to be. today, prior to an outing to the bank (try to contain your adventuresome envy, ok?), gammer looked at me and asked, "should we tell aurora we're going?" now, there are two options here: one, gammer is just getting a bit older and a bit more puzzled and two, that gammer is actually the only person aware of multiple universes and she simply wanted alternate aurora to know we were leaving the house. I'd say that's very considerate of her!

yours very sincerely,
that girl who lives in the room on the southwest corner of the house. or do I?

p.s. yes, i'm feeling very silly tonight. :)

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