Thursday, September 1, 2011

ain't misbehavin'

we have a fondness for late night hijinks around here. there's just something extra fun, extra giggly about an unexpected late night gathering. mom came by after work last night and we sat in the dining room, giggling, telling funny stories and looking at stuff online (she's a bossy shopper!). gammer happened to get up to go to the bathroom, so I told her mary was here and she wandered down in her nightgown, hair wildly askew. she smiled a lot and claimed to have cooked for mary. the contents of the bowl she proffered? dog food! she laughed and went back to bed shortly thereafter. i bought beer for the next late night get-together. :)

ps. this is a photo of my mom when she was little. apparently she's cutting her doll's hair. gammer said just a few days ago that mary didn't always behave, but that grandpa never saw it that way. personally, I never misbehave. ;)

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