Wednesday, August 31, 2011

blame the baby

that baby there? that's me. and I am the reason gammer is known as gammer. aaron, who is a wee bit older than I am, calls her grandmother, which I've always found very cute. well, he's cute anyway, but that's beside the point! when I was little, I couldn't pronounce "grandmother" properly. it came out as "gammer" and somehow it stuck. and I don't mean just stuck with a bit of that nasty white glue you use in elementary school, i'm talking gorilla glue, you will never unstick this even if you attack with a jackhammer, kind of stuck. the reason i say that is because now, TONS of people call her gammer (or shortened to gam). mary, bruce, leslie, dean, collin, all of my friends, even the bellman at the trapp family lodge. but for those who don't know until recently, or even never knew, gammer is really constance miriam pratt wheeler.

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