Saturday, August 27, 2011

happy anniversary, part 2

in the spirit of things, i found the photo album containing gammer and grandpa's wedding photos. also in the album were clippings and an invitation. the newspaper clipping from the rutland herald begins, "Before an altar banked with white gladioli, Miss Constance Pratt of Proctor was married yesterday to Dr. Dean Herbert Wheeler of Burlington." now that's a wedding announcement! :) there are also little slips of paper that show, in gammer's handwriting, where they went on their honeymoon. they drove all over the east, driving through pennsylvania, virginia, north carolina and tennessee, before making their way back to philadelphia, where grandpa was going to graduate school at the university of pennsylvania. this photo is from the day of the wedding, as they departed for their big adventure.

update: gammer is now looking at the album and found a photo of the whole family that she really likes. after I told her I could make copies of it, she started to say she'd send one to jean. unfortunately, jean has not been alive since the 1980s and gammer quickly realized that. her comment: "my brain is free-wheeling". :)


  1. Now I know Gammer's first name. Interesting. Until this moment, I didn't realize I didn't know Gammer's true identity.

  2. she's a super hero, so we have to keep her identity relatively secret. :)

  3. ditto on Mrs. D, I had no clue!