Monday, August 29, 2011

rainy day

hurricane irene, or what was left of her, made her way up north yesterday. gammer, who had been somewhat frightened by the dire warnings on the news, was suddenly blissfully unafraid/unaware and we had a few disagreements about her taking the dog out. we spent the day in our cozy house and I was grateful to have a comfy and secure home. the kittens decided to snuggle up to gammer for a little while, which is not something they do very often. gammer kept laughing and said "maybe the dog will be next". the kittens have been a huge blessing in unexpected ways. they make me extraordinarily happy and gammer, who wouldn't let me have a cat for years, loves them. it's fun to hear her from a room away, suddenly start laughing at something they are doing. she loves to watch them play and is always talking sweetly to them.

speaking of which, i think the plumber thinks we're bonkers. he was here to fix a sink and the bird was cooing, so i cooed back and then gammer, who can't tell the difference between my coo and the bird's, started to coo as well. it doesn't help that the last time the plumber was here it was to fix the garbage disposal. the reason it was broken? three of my little plastic toy dogs from the machine at the grocery store had gotten down in there. which was gammer's doing, not mine. so yeah, the plumber probably thinks we're a bunch of nutters. :)

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