Thursday, August 25, 2011

"the help"

gammer and I saw "the help" last week. it's a really good movie and has some brilliant actresses in it, particularly viola davis, who was also awesome in "doubt". viola plays aibileen, a black woman who raises white children. after the movie, gammer and I got to talking about Marie, a woman who worked for gammer's family in washington in the late 1920s. Marie, from what I understand, cooked, cleaned and was essentially a housekeeper. she was what was known then as a "hired girl" even though I don't think she was a girl, per se. gammer says that she loved Marie, but Marie's real pet was Alan and gammer said she could still see Alan sitting on Marie's lap. I wish I had a photo of that and I wish I knew what became of Marie. did she love our family? was she sad when they moved back to vermont? did she have a family of her own? I don't think I'll ever know. I love thinking about gammer when she was a little girl, giggly and rambunctious. :)

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