Thursday, August 25, 2011

vacation shmacation

so, we were supposed to spend one night in vermont, at the lake mansfield trout club. it's a beautiful place and my family has been going there since my mom was a toddler. unfortunately, as gammer gets older, more tired, more confused, it gets harder and harder to travel. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. gammer and I spent over a week in florida this spring, and after a rough beginning, we had a great time. one night at the trout club? didn't work. we had a nice few hours of swimming and relaxing and suddenly she was ready to go. and when an 88 year-old wants to go home, you'd be a total jackass to say no (unless you're in florida and you're driving home: "well no, we can't go home right now, we're about 1500 miles away and it will take time to get there"). so home we went! i did get one single photo of gammer sitting on the porch. the cutest part was on the ride home, when she said she might not have been as homesick (how do you get homesick that fast?) if my mom had been with us. she's too cute, my gammer. :)

bottom line: traveling with a senior citizen can be hard. it can also be super awesome. you just have to make sure to pack a lot of stuff you might not even realize you need, like nightlights, and expect the unexpected.

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