Saturday, August 27, 2011

really. very. irritating.

what exactly do I do? when i catch up with people i haven't spoken to in a while, I feel that I have a hard time explaining exactly what it is I do. i kind of do everything, to be blunt. that's the thing about living with and looking after someone who is a bit aged and fairly confused.

a list of questions I am frequently asked:

"what day is it?"

"where's *fill in the blank*?" *this is usually someone who does not live within a 250 mile radius of our home

"have you seen the dog?"

"has the mail come?"

"is it really *insert time of day*?"

"where are the others?" who the others are, besides being the residents of a horror film is part of the fun, because you have to figure out who she's talking about

"whose baby is that?"

"what are we going to do about supper?"

"do you know what we're having for supper?"

"is it time for supper already?"

"do you know where aurora is?" this is probably my favorite

"where have you been?" this is usually asked when i've moved exactly one inch to re-situate my butt in my chair. gammer tends to spend a lot of time on the sofa so if she doesn't see me for a while, even though i haven't moved, she seems surprised to see me and wonders where i've been.

now, the next way to play this game is to choose about half of those questions, multiply by 10, and there's an average day of questions at my house. of course, you can always expect the unexpected, like "is that a coeducational school?" while watching harry potter or "when does a cat stop being a kitten?" i think it may be good practice for being a mom.

i'm not perfect and honestly, some days are really hard to get through. but some days are great and sometimes you get a little bit of the bad, a little bit of the good. that's life, right? :)

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